Determinants of decline

The determinant of education in the decline of UK, USA and New Zealand, the rise of China and the performance of Finland

I recently read articles describing the rapid decline of the UK and other articles describing the rapid rise and ascent of China. Obviously there are a variety of factors that influence and determine such declines and rises. Toynbee wrote in his twelve-volume “A Study of History” about the rise and fall of civilizations. His detailed voluminously descriptions were mainly based on universal rhythms of rise, peaks and decline, and examined history from a global perspective. One of his most famous quotes was “Civilizations decline, not so much because of invasions or other external forces, but because of an internal hardening of ideas.” 

Originally from the UK, I have also lived extensively in the USA and New Zealand. My personal experience is that Toynbee’s analysis is accurate and that the decline in all three countries has been and is due to this “hardening of ideas” with resultant consequences.

Evidence for such declines and rises is presented in the following pdf entitled Determinants of decline – please email David for password to access file – thanks.


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