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A Story of Ancient Greece
Parrhasius and Helena are a young married couple of ancient Athens. In the story we meet them for the first time at their wedding and learn about Athenian wedding customs. The mariage is an arranged one, as was the custom, and as the story continues we learn how Parrhasius and Helena have children, all girls and the consequences of that on the marriage and on Helena.

The WER Unit uses this story as the starting point for the lesson, following it with a detailed Guided Reading assignment that develops historical literacy, language skills, higher order reading skills and critical thinking skills. Parrhasius divorces Helen in order to take a second wife who might give him the son he wanted. All this was acceptable in ancient Athens. However, Parrhasius fell foul of the law for he failed to return Helen’s dowry to her family.

The Oracle at Delphi – In the WideHorizon Education Resources teaching pack students learn about oracles in Module 4. They learn about the significance of oracles in the culture of Ancient Greece. They then extend the study to include a geographic assignment, locating the sites for the main oracles on a map of Greece. In the assignment they use map coordinates to complete the task.

Guided Reading: The questions in the Guided Reading not only cover historical knowledge and thinking skills but also language skills.The questions begin with literal recall of the text.They progress to determining the main concepts, drawing out what is implicit from what is explicitly stated, drawing conclusions and making judgements.All this is done in a gradual and sensitive way and with guidance. This results in students working at a pace that suits individual ability, aptitude and temperament. 
A Simulation: 
This story is used as the background for a court case. The lesson guides student through a simulation of a trial in an Athenian court of law. Students write the speeches for the prosecution and the defence. For the simulated trial students are given guidance in writing the speeches for Parrhasius, Aristedes (Parrhasius’ friend and support during the trial); for Zeno (Helena’s father) and Hippias (Helena’s brother), who present the case for the prosecution.
Monitoring and Assessment: The lesson has a detailed rubric that can be used by the teacher for assessing the students’ completed work or can be used for self assessment.

The drawing is of a kleroterion. See our Unit on Greece to find out what it is and how it was used in an Athenian court of law. 

WideHorizon Education Resources-Ancient Greece
Module 1: Geography and Early Greeks
Module 2: Athenian Government and Law
Module 3: Athens and Sparta
Module 4: Mythology

Example of content from Module 4 Lesson 4
Students learn about Greek theatre by experiencing what it was like to attend the Festival of Dionysius. They take part in a drama of four scenes. Stories from the Iliad (studied earlier) are the subject of the drama.
Historical Literacy
: Students learn experientially about Greek culture and discover the roots of Western theatre. They also learn how art, religion, politics and many other areas were all intimately bound up with Greek theatre.
Language Arts: Students write, in journalistic genre, newspaper articles, under given headlines, for the week of the Festival of Dionysius.
Cooperative Learning: Students work cooperatively to produce the front page of a newspaper.
Greece (4 Modules) includes 9 stories with readability levels, 6 guided reading assignments, 2 dramas, 28 activity sheets, 4 assignments targeted for monitoring and assessment, 4 map activities, 29 illustrated information sheets, 9 blackline masters, 7 review exercises, 3 colored reproductions, 16 teacher lesson guideline sheets, 4 monitoring and assessment guideline sheets.

Starter Packs
WideHorizon Education Resources (WER) material is in two formats. Firstly  as a Starter Pack. Secondly as a Classroom Pack. Both Packs include a Teacher Guide containing all the material from the MLA Teaching Packs, with occasional refinements for the USA market. The ONLY difference between a Starter Pack and a Classroom Pack is that the Starter Pack contains just one Student Reference Book (SRB) while a Classroom Pack contains 35 (thirty-five) SRBs. The Starter Pack is available as a pdf (no postage or processing fee). A physical copy (postage/processing fees apply) can be provided at additional cost.  Classroom Packs are ONLY available as physical copies and only for USA teachers. All physical copies are in USA and cost of sending abroad is prohibitive but please contact MLA if you have any queries (contact details at bottom of page).

WideHorizon Education Resources (WER) Teaching Packs are designed to appeal to the heart, head and hands. Original material is the Mollet Learning Academy (MLA) Teaching Packs (written initially for New Zealand teachers). On request from USA teachers, monitoring and assessment procedures were added and renamed WER Teaching Packs to distinguish them from MLA Teaching Packs.

Early Humankind, Ancient Israelites, Ancient India, Ancient China – USA $59.95
Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Kush, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome USA $79.95

Classroom Packs
Early Humankind, Ancient Israelites, Ancient India, Ancient China – USA $199.95
Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Kush, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome

USA $299.95
Set of Nine Starter Packs – USA $599.95
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Set of 10 non-consumable SRBs – Prehistory, Israelites, India, China – USA $59.95
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7% S&H applies unless other arrangements made – thanks.

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