Why is the UK slipping down international education league tables?

Please watch for updates. I am now working with a person whose previous employment was as a marketing director so he will guide me as most efficient way forward regarding the dissemination of information etc.

 The unreality of the mindsets that UK politicians live in is far from the reality they are attempting to improve. Their catch-phrase should be “how to create a generation of dysfunctional adults” for that is what they are doing. 

Once again we see teachers being the punch-bag for the ills of society. So easy to blame by those who have never taught. Tragically there is a real danger of this ostrich mentality continuing. The present obsession with nationalised testing will result in slipping down even further in the international league tables. Teachers have no choice but to coach, goad and indoctrinate their students until they could provide the answers that the system demanded. No doubt that they will pay us back.

The future is grim and the politician’s obsession with policies already proved disastrous for the UK children will no doubt, continue unabated. Now they want to introduce phonics for 5 and 6 year-olds – God help us!

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