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Mesopotamian Mythology

One of the many stories found in the Unit Mesopotamia is the story of Gilgamesh, the oldest recorded hero. The story of Gilgamesh is divided into three parts with suggestions for activities following each part. The story, following the design of all the stories in the Waldorf Units, can be told or read to students (we recommend telling) and the readability level is kept low so that students may use the text when working on some of the assignments.

The Journey of Gilgamesh A map of Gilgamesh’s journey is provided. Teachers could draw the map on the chalkboard or, alternatively, could make a copy for each student. Using the map, students can follow Gilgamesh’s route and then label the map with the location of crucial events of the journey. Language arts assignments are included; also part of a drama with guidelines for students to write further scenes.

These lessons on Mesopotamian mythology are designed to appeal to the heart, head and hands (as are all the Waldorf lessons), and are holistic in nature, drawing on disciplines across the curriculum.

The module format allows teachers to choose material selectively, according to a student’s aptitude, ability and temperament.

Unit 2 Mesopotamia
SubUnit 1: Historical & Geographical Background
SubUnit 2: Religion and Mythology
SubUnit 3: From Sargon to Hammurabi
SubUnit 4: Babylonia and Assyria
SubUnit 5: Review Pack

Each SubUnit (not Unit) costs $19.95 (This price includes permission to photocopy)

Since advent of social media all material is now in pdf format (no postage or processing fee). Physical copies (postage/processing fees apply) can be provided at additional cost – please contact MLA.
Each SubUnit (not Unit) costs USA $19.95
  NZ $24.95
(This price includes permission to photocopy)

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