Hi, I have spent nearly all my life in teacher training in the UK, USA and New Zealand, and possess what I believe are unique insights and information on how to optimise childrens’ wellbeing and learning. I live in San Diego but also spend time in Auckland and occasionally Shanghai (Shanghai has the best and highest achieving students worldwide). I am glad to say that I now have people in these cities waiting for my work.

Recently I finished a series of articles “Shanghai: A Model for Education Reform” which has been presented to the New Zealand Government with positive results. I can share with you the initiatives it initiated in New Zealand. I can also enclose a letter from a previous New Zealand Minister of Education thanking me for a previous contribution to NZ education (I was the instigator for their restructuring of pre-tertiary education which included the de-centralisation of education in the 1980s.)

I say all this not in an excess of hubris but to influence you to believe that I have experience and expertise that I wish to share (I am now working on another series of articles “Education as a determinant of decline and ascendancy in nations”. I should also add that I do not charge for my services which is probably unwise from a worldly viewpoint.

I have spent nearly fifty years in education obviously at different levels but even when “retired” I still have a passion and commitment to optimise childrens’ wellbeing and learning. Having spent that time I have an enormous amount of material including articles, teaching packs, lessons, research reports etc.

I believe my strength is in research and writing and because of this I have not kept abreast of the rapid increase in technology. I still try and influence politicians and administrators in the UK (my homeland) and the USA and New Zealand. As far as their education policies are concerned the UK, USA and NZ are all going in the wrong direction with tragic consequences for society while Shanghai above all others are implementing something near what I would describe as a very positive system for benefitting children.

I can continue as I am doing and although my research is thorough it is not appropriate as far as advocacy in the modern age is concerned and I have been advised that perhaps short whiteboard animated video clips might be the way to go. As I said I already have people in Auckland and Shanghai waiting for such material and hopefully soon I shall also have similar people in San Diego. Please see Ken Robinson for what I have in mind and the following is about Bill Gates and Salman Khan’s Academy – Khan’s lessons are excellent but immodestly I would add that mine are better because I correlate them with the hemispheric brain development – timing is crucial for optimising brain development (the University of Toronto is one of the world’s leaders in this regard.)

I have recently finished scripting 124 short (3-10 minute) whiteboard animated video clips and yesterday subscribed to Sparkol’s VideoScribe. It is evident to you regarding the disastrous education policies of this and previous NZ, USA and UK governments that further disaster lies ahead and if I can make a contribution to changing that I shall. I look for people who seek to contribute to society rather than follow and satisfy self-interest but my guess is that perhaps you are busy enough with your own projects.

Sincerely, David (Dr. David Mollet) although I email under the name of David Matthews.

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