Proposals for Discussion

Many decades ago I received what I now know to be a calling to perform certain work although I do not expect the reader to understand or accept this. The calling also includes accepting certain vows namely poverty and obedience which, if required, I’ll explain.

I have stuck to the task at hand as there is no alternative. I have created the curriculum including content and methodology for all subject areas in all grades. Also, if needed, the administrative structure for such teaching.

Progress has been slow; I have been so involved for nearly fifty years, albeit at different levels. At present I am attempting to find educators and administrators to examine the research but most of all politicians as they have, at least in the English-speaking countries in which I work (UK, USA and New Zealand), politicised the education system.

I shall now try in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China although I still have not given up hope in my homeland (UK), the country where I mostly live (USA) and the country where I also spend time (New Zealand). I am always open to share with you what I believe are the best ways to optimise childrens’ wellbeing and learning. Thanks you for your time.

The Proposals
I have taught in very difficult situations (dock area of the East End of London and industrial north of England) and have been involved in teacher training in UK, USA and New Zealand most of my working life; over fifty years. My main areas of research are as follows:

1) Childrens’ brain functioning specialising in balanced and harmonious hemispheric development.
2) Creating curricula that relates and synchronises with brain functioning.
3) Researching what is occurring in different countries and comparing and evaluating their pedagogy with my research.
4) Seeking educators/administrators that would be interested in implementing my programme which can be supplied free if necessary.

With regard to 1) and 2) I have created over seventy video clips describing my approach. These have been uploaded to YouTube and will be uploaded to youku. As well as covering the philosophy and pedagogy of the approach, the clips describe in detail content and methodology for each subject area for each age, phase and stage of development. Also available are a considerable number of lessons, material, research reports and information in various formats.

Previously, I had considerable support from faculty at San Diego State University and their letters of support and those from administrators can be viewed at

As you know, Shanghai possesses the highest achieving students worldwide. If my approach is implemented, students will out-perform Shanghai students!

I welcome the opportunity for discussing the future of your children. Thank you for your time.
David (Dr. David Mollet)