A link to my CV follows. You will see that in my earlier education career I specialised  in the Waldorf approach. However,  I need to make it very clear that although I obviously believe that the Waldorf approach has much to offer, my experiences with the Waldorf/Steiner world leaves a great deal to be desired.

I’ll cut to the chase and state that in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1988 I suffered the worst experiences of my life when a few people at the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner School spread dreadful  rumours about me saying that my qualifications were fraudulent, that I had never been a university lecturer and that I had been deported from the USA. They also attempted to have me and family deported from New Zealand. Their actions were beyond human decency.

We survived and after 18 months of very great stress and worry eventually persuaded the immigration authority in New Zealand that the rumours spread by these people were totally untrue and we were allowed to stay. Eventually we received New Zealand citizenship but needless to say I haven’t been near a Steiner person since nor do I envisage doing so for rest the of my time on this planet.

However, as far as pedagogy and education is concerned my approach has always been based on what works as far as optimising childrens’ wellbeing and learning is concerned. If the Waldorf approach has something to offer in this regard, and I believe it does, then I have to go beyond what I have personally suffered at the hands of Steiner people and utilise whatever works.

So you will see many references in my CV to my then specialism of Waldorf but I have now moved on and will utilise anything that helps aforesaid optimisation – thanks.

CV one page at CVOnePage
CV Short at CVShort
CV Long at CVLong


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