Is there a right way and a wrong way to teach children to read?

Please watch for updates. I am now working with a person whose previous employment was as a marketing director so he will guide me as most efficient way forward regarding the dissemination of information etc.

If you view a child learning to read as merely or solely the acquisition of a basic skill, however important, this isn’t the place for you. We look upon learning to write and read (and in that order) as an integral part of the child’s development.

Our approach introduces the preparatory stage of learning to read around the age of five to six and does it in a way that directly relates to the child’s inner experience. What is the basis of a child’s interaction with the world at this age? Observe any child and we see that his/her interaction with the outside world is mainly through his/her limbs and senses; it is not through their intellect.

Why not take this as our starting point because certainly in the USA and UK the opposite occurs and children are forced into “decoding” when their experience is not ready for it. This can easily result in an unhappy experience and the forming of learning barriers.

Food for thought – in Finland children do not start school until they are seven and understandably they are poor readers at that age. A considerable number of children learn to read music before they learn to read words. At fifteen Finnish students are the best readers in the world and they also excel at mathematics and science.

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