Email to Philip Davies Conservative MP for Shipley

29th June 2015 to Philip Davies Conservative MP for Shipley (where I taught high school), UK

Dear Mr. Davies, I write for the following reasons.

1) Initially from near Newcastle I was a teacher (my last high school teaching post was at Belle Vue Boys’ (school motto, Non Sibi Sed Mundo, means “Ask not what you can do for yourself but what you can do for the world”) and I lived at Moorhead Cottage, Moorhead Lane); subsequently I was a university lecturer at Mid-Lancs University. I was also chairman and vice-chairman of various West Riding education committees in the Shipley area. When education was politicised I left UK and for a while taught at San Diego State University before moving on to New Zealand where I made a significant contribution to their education system.

2) My homepage is and also many animated video clips on YouTube (insert Mollet Learning Academy in their search engine and you will Playlists on left) – all my work can be provided free if required. A long CV can be seen at including a thank you letter from a previous New Zealand Minister of Education for my contribution there.

3) Since 1995 I have run a successful education consultancy business in the USA from here in San Diego but now realising that the USA decline will accelerate I am now exploring establishing the business in China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong). I now have a Chinese secretary who speaks both English and Mandarin and shortly will be ready for advocacy and expansion into China (probably October/November).

4) Sadly I gave up attempting to make a contribution to UK education some thirty years ago – couldn’t even get a response from education administrators in Whitehall never mind a discussion! However I still attempt once a decade to see if there is anyone who might be interested in my work or the evidence underlying it.

5) I have spent a considerable part of my working life researching brain functioning in children and writing a curriculum covering all subject areas that is synchronised with such brain functioning and hemispheric development. The research clearly indicates the countries (PISA territories) that are implementing policies that will optimise childrens’ learning (Shanghai/China, Hong Kong/China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea) and the opposite (UK and USA) but attempting anyone in the latter two countries to examine the factual evidence (three year-old OECD PISA Reports) has been hard sledding etc.

6) My past experiences indicate that I am probably wasting my time writing to you but I need to add that if my any chance you do manage to find an interested administrators my schedule is very tight. In September I leave for New Zealand (where there is considerable interest in my work) and from there to China/Taiwan before returning to San Diego for Christmas, back to Auckland in February and returning to San Diego in April so my free time until May 2016 is August of this year.

7) My main passion is to see that children’s wellbeing and learning is optimised but as my work expands into China (Shanghai is already a generation ahead of the UK and USA!) there can be very great economic export opportunities to the benefit of English-speaking countries if anyone in those countries possesses the perceptions to see what is necessary. Although my past experience indicates it isn’t going to happen!

8) Paying for 30 Chinese teachers to come to the UK for their expertise will have little effect etc! I’m afraid another indicator of why a society declines – the necessary vision and perceptions are unfortunately lacking etc.

Thank you for your time; please acknowledge receipt.
(Dr, David Mollet)