We believe that music is a crucial determinant for balanced and harmonious hemispheric development.

We have produced three PowerPoint presentations describing what is occurring in countries that possess excellent music education for children.

These are Finland 91_92 Music Finland

Venezuela 93_94 Music Venezuela

and also a presentation describing why and how music education is crucial in education 95_96 Music Crucial Ingredient

They can be accessed by visiting www.molletacademy.com under PowerPoint or on YouTube –
Clips 091_092 Music Finland at  https://youtu.be/IaVHLcXIi1Q,
Clips 93_94 Music Venezuela at https://youtu.be/FVc90dk7r4E and
Clips 95_96 Music Crucial Ingredient at https://youtu.be/gRvzAwiSdsk
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