Papyrus (Tut, blank, Map of Roman Empire)

Papyrus was the main material used for writing not only in Ancient Egypt but also in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome as well. MLA/WER has available authentic papyrus made and imported from Egypt.

1) Papyrus Outlines – Tutankhamen or Map of Roman Empire
8″x10″ USA – $1 per sheet
20cm x 25cm New Zealand – $2 per sheet

2) Blank/Plain Papyrus
6.5″ x 9.5″  USA – $1 per sheet
17cm x 24cm New Zealand – $2 per sheet

3) Package for students to write their own cartouche

All papyrus is authentic and imported from Egypt. 

Click here ( for free lesson plan on Papyrus click here and write Papyrus in Subject line

Papyrus is a writing medium, invented by the Ancient Egyptians. They made it from a reed like plant that grew in the marshes of the River Nile. It was used in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Kush, Greece & Rome.

The main writing surface used by the Egyptians was papyrus. It was invented very early on in Egypt’s history.The free lesson on papyrus explains the technique for manufacturing this writing medium. The papyrus for Egypt is the young pharaoh, Tutankhamen. He was king for only a short time, approximately nine years but he has become one of the better known Pharaohs because of his death and burial. When his tomb was first discovered in 1922, the contents were almost intact. It gave the world a great deal of information about Ancient Egypt.

The papyrus for Rome is Map of Roman Empire. The design on the papyrus indicates the vast area ruled from Rome when the Empire was at its height around 117 C.E. In the lesson Writing and Numerals students learn how papyrus was one of the many writing mediums used by the Romans.

Package for students to write their own cartouche
What is in the cartouche package?
30 pieces of top quality papyrus, approx 3″ x 6.5″ (8cm x 17cm), suitable for students to draw their own cartouche, & a copy of the Egyptian Alphabet with instructions for writing one’s name.
What is the cost of the package? USA $25 NZ $35 (inc S&H)

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