How to improve California education

Please watch for updates. I am now working with a person whose previous employment was as a marketing director so he will guide me as most efficient way forward regarding the dissemination of information etc. “Civilizations in decline are consistently characterized by a tendency towards standardization and uniformity.”and “Civilizations decline, not so much because of invasions or other external forces, but because of an internal hardening of ideas.” Arnold Toynbee 

If California is serious about increasing test scores and reducing the drop out rate it needs a thorough and detailed examination to find out what is going wrong. 

For example, just to mention a few it would need to look at some of the underlying causes such as closed bureaucracies, ineffective standardized student testing, ill-spent education spending, treatment of teachers, insipid and ineffective curriculum, ignoring research, etc. 

It would need to look at the consequences of such causes; again, to name a few – the low production of scientists and engineers, waning economic competitiveness, teacher wastage etc. Another place, another time and all these will be elaborated on. 

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