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Ancient Kush-WideHorizon Education Resources

When studying world cultures are your students, particularly African-American, denied the opportunity to study part of their cultural heritage?

Is the African ancient civilization of Kush taught alongside the other major civilizations?

Do your students know that a civilization from the interior of Africa once:
1. ruled Ancient Egypt;
2. ruled the largest empire along the River Nile;
3. defeated a Roman army?
Are your students aware that:
1. Kush possessed all the features of a major civilization;
2. in Kushite society women enjoyed equal status with men;
3. Kush was an ancient society at times ruled by queens;
4. this ancient culture lasted well over 2,000 years?
Our approach:
1. is user friendly, and balances creativity with accountability;
2. addresses the importance of developing academic content and skill standards without sacrificing imaginative and creative lessons.

COMPARE our Kush material with that of the big publishers.
Check out evaluation of WER Unit Kush by USA leading authority.

Why not begin your study of Kush by introducing your students to the ancient art of hairbraiding? See our Teaching Unit (from which the above graphics have been scanned) for more information.

WideHorizon Education Resources-Ancient Kush
Module 1: Geography and Early Kush
Module 2: An Independent State

The study of each civilization is introduced in a different way. Kush is introduced through the opera Aïda and also the fashion of hair braiding. Students are shown how the fashion of hair braiding is popular today in the USA and the Sudan (the location of Ancient Kush), and that it was also fashionable in Ancient Kush (as can be seen in the mummy of Queen Nedjmet).
Historical Literacy: Students listen to the music from the opera, and hear the story of the Ethiopian slave, Aïda. Through this story, and the visual example of the braiding, students are invited to discuss Kush’s relationship to Egypt, and its place as a civilization of Africa.
Geographic Literacy: Students learn about the geographic location of Kush, and the geographic interpretation of the names Kush, Nubia and Ethiopia.
Kush (2 Modules) includes 9 stories with readability levels, 2 guided reading assignments, 1 drama, 13 activity sheets, 2 assignments targeted for monitoring and assessment, 3 map activities, 17 illustrated information sheets, 9 blackline masters, 2 review exercises, 3 colored reproductions, 8 teacher lesson guideline sheets, 2 monitoring and assessment sheets.

Starter Packs
WideHorizon Education Resources (WER) material is in two formats. Firstly  as a Starter Pack. Secondly as a Classroom Pack. Both Packs include a Teacher Guide containing all the material from the MLA Teaching Packs, with occasional refinements for the USA market. The ONLY difference between a Starter Pack and a Classroom Pack is that the Starter Pack contains just one Student Reference Book (SRB) while a Classroom Pack contains 35 (thirty-five) SRBs. The Starter Pack is available as a pdf (no postage or processing fee). A physical copy (postage/processing fees apply) can be provided at additional cost.  Classroom Packs are ONLY available as physical copies and only for USA teachers. All physical copies are in USA and cost of sending abroad is prohibitive but please contact MLA if you have any queries (contact details at bottom of page).

WideHorizon Education Resources (WER) Teaching Packs are designed to appeal to the heart, head and hands. Original material is the Mollet Learning Academy (MLA) Teaching Packs (written initially for New Zealand teachers). On request from USA teachers, monitoring and assessment procedures were added and renamed WER Teaching Packs to distinguish them from MLA Teaching Packs.

Early Humankind, Ancient Israelites, Ancient India, Ancient China – USA $59.95
Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Kush, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome USA $79.95

Classroom Packs
Early Humankind, Ancient Israelites, Ancient India, Ancient China – USA $199.95
Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Kush, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome

USA $299.95
Set of Nine Starter Packs – USA $599.95
Set of Nine Classroom Packs – USA $1999.95
Set of 10 non-consumable SRBs – Prehistory, Israelites, India, China – USA $59.95
Set of 10 non-consumable SRBs – Egypt, Kush, Greece, Rome – USA $79.95
Set of 10 non-consumable SRBs – Mesopotamia – USA $89.95
7% S&H applies unless other arrangements made – thanks.

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1) The material was initially written for New Zealand teachers but on request from USA teachers, monitoring and assessment procedures were added. To view this material please visit
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