Teaching Packs based on the Mollet Learning Academy (MLA) approach to learning – sample from a lesson 


Using Waldorf Education Resources, students first learn about archaeology and the work of archaeologists. Through a story they learn about a young archaeologist and her experience on a dig at Koster. They then learn about the various ways of dating artifacts, and by creating drawings and diagrams experience the method of dating through dendrochronology.

Çatal Hüyük
In order to study the earliest farming communities students are taken to the settlement of Çatal Hüyük. Çatal Hüyük lies in a grassy, forested upland area bordering the Fertile Crescent.

The students experience life in this settlement through the eyes of Komo, the town storyteller, and then examine the settlement in greater detail from the point of view of safety and personal comfort. James Mellaart, the archaeologist who has worked at, and written about, Catal Huyuk, introduces himelf through a story and tells of what he has discovered about these early settlements.

Through stories, research, drawing, and writing students experience the development of societies from those based on hunting and gathering to those based on planting crops and domesticating animals. They begin to understand the gradual development of one lifestyle to another, and the overlap of both lifestyles in one community.

Since advent of social media all material is now in pdf format (no postage or processing fee). Physical copies (postage/processing fees apply) can be provided at additional cost – please contact MLA.
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  NZ $24.95
(This price includes permission to photocopy)

Click here if you are interested in your students working with top quality authentic papyrus (imported from Egypt).

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