Why are we passionate about education?

Please watch for updates. I am now working with a person whose previous employment was as a marketing director so he will guide me as most efficient way forward regarding the dissemination of information etc.
I’m a retired professor of education originally from near Newcastle, UK and taught at SDSU and other CA universities. My speciality was child development and especially seeing that both left and right hand hemispheric development occurred in children in a balanced and harmonious manner; music, art and drama were crucial in order for this to occur. I didn’t fit the system so tenure was not possible so I wrote around 50 books (teaching packs) mainly on the ancient civilisations and sold them to schools. I have around 300-400 lessons (pdf or InDesign) which I am happy to give away via the internet.
I found interest in NZ and spend about half the year there. Some years ago I offered such e-lessons free but was overwhelmed and had to close down the site. My short term objective is to make contact with others interested in optimising the wellbeing and learning of children through the availability  of free lessons. Medium term objective is to work with others to offer free e-lessons to interested parties and work out the most efficient method of achieving this.
Long term objective is that once we know school/localities where there is interest we make contact with the school district and eventually the state, national or international organisations etc and offer licensing, consultancy etc with the USA and UK as our main markets. When that stage is reached a non-profit would be established and funds, once reasonable expenses are deducted, would be used to establish something like “The System” as in Venezuela.
Music is crucial for balanced hemispheric development. The results of optimising brain development is staggering and I have a great deal of research to support this statement. I would add that Venezuela and Finland lead the world as far as music education for children is concerned and sadly the situation in the USA and UK and even New Zealand leaves a lot to be desired.
I was in Auckland at the end of last year and to give you a glimpse of what I was about I gave a brief presentation to parliamentary candidates as I know the education policies that National are implementing, however well intentioned, are harmful to children. A member of the audience filmed me and you can see the result at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2Pk1c6tkLw&context=C4b2138aADvjVQa1PpcFNEN-yQSUJSaOP7zzVoZUMbcyTzxaC0Y1Y= Meanwhile if you visithttp://www.facebook.com/MolletLearningAcademy you can see our present efforts.Update
Please view this page (and others) for updates. There will be developments in the spring and summer of 2013
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