The Ancient Civilization of Kush – why is it so important for African-Americans?

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Many, many years ago when I was attending uni in the UK a very famous professor gave a lecture on the main civilizations throughout history. Included in his words of wisdom was the description that the continent of Africa had never possessed a “great” civilization. He was wrong and it is very important particularly for African-American students to learn that part of their heritage is such a civilization.

How many of our students, when they study the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt or Greece, are aware that at the same time as these civilizations existed another major civilization thrived in the interior of Africa?  That at the time of the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures of Greece, the pre-Aryan cities of India, and the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia there was a major civilization in the interior of Africa. How many students would be aware that the 25th Dynasty in Egypt was a Dynasty of Kings from an African culture south of Egypt? ow many students would be aware that a Roman army at the time of the Emperor Augustus was challenged and defeated by an African army led by a strong and powerful queen?

And let me ask you this last question. How many girls in our classes, when learning about the mighty Roman Emperors, the great Pharaohs of Egypt, and the male leaders and decision makers of Greece, are also aware of the female leadership of an African civilization? That through all of these periods a civilization existed that was ruled, for some of the time, by powerful queens. Enough said, don’t you think?

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