Why USA students lag behind Venezuelan students?

Please watch for updates. I am now working with a person whose previous employment was as a marketing director so he will guide me as most efficient way forward regarding the dissemination of information etc.

 Who is the conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic? The answer is a young Venezuelan by the name of Gustavo Dudamel. Dudamel became conductor of the LAP in his mid-twenties, a feat probably unparalleled. Venezuela keeps producing world class musicians. 

Yet with all due respect to Venezuela. It, by international comparisons, is a poor country with a per capita of around US$12,000 (USA $48,000). How is it that Venezuela can produce such musicians while the USA lags well behind? 

The answer is as usual, of course, education. Any child in Venezuela can receive four hours of free music education six days a week. Compare that with the USA where music education is looked by the majority of administrators and politicians as expendable so if there is a budget crunch, music along with art are prime targets for cutbacks. 

Problem is music education is crucial for balanced hemispheric development and if you don’t develop those parts you cannot expect your adult brain to possess the same feelings, empathy and understanding for problems as someone whose brain has been optimised. I’ve been saying for decades that music education is probably the most important subject on the curriculum.

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